Group Care Global‘s mission is to promote group health care for pregnant and parenting people, infants, partners, and their families to improve health and well-being.

To support this mission, Group Care Global collaborates with international partners to integrate Centering-Based Group Care into health systems.

What is Group Care?

Want to learn more about Group Care? Here are two videos made through the GC_1000 initiative.

Stories about GroupCare

“Little Pearls, short group care stories with a large impact”. A joint publication of TNO, the KNOV, the Centering Nederland Foundation and Group Care Global. The book was first distributed in the English version at the GC_1000 launch meeting in Leiden, Netherlands, February 2020.

Read the full publication here.

Community Building

A Blueprint for the Newborn Neighbourhood

One of the three core components of Group Care is Community Building, both among participants in the group itself, as well as with the larger community where they live, work, and raise their families. The Blueprint is a community approach that connects (future) parents with neighborhood resources. Because it takes a neighbourhood to raise a child! 

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Group Care Global
Are you curious about what Group Care is and how it can work in your health system? Are you ready to embark on implementing Group Care in your setting and health system? If the answer to either of these questions is, “yes”, this comprehensive set of modules can support you in your Care Global ... See MoreSee Less
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Group Care Global
Group ANC—It’s Better Together by Stephanie ... See MoreSee Less
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Group Care Global
📢Join our online roundtable discussion: Building Confidence in Group Care Facilitators 📆14 June 2024Struggling with low confidence among midwives, nurses, youth workers, or others who are considering facilitating groups or who are currently facilitating group care? Wondering how to build facilitator confidence and motivate group care champions? Come to this discussion and we can share tips and strategies to boost confidence in this exciting high quality model of care! 🤩Jalana Lazar is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.Please join our community of practice to join this meeting ... See MoreSee Less
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Group Care Global
A new blogpost by colleague and Group Care advocate, Ashley Gresh, PhD, MSN, MA, RN, CNM, Assistance Professor, Johns Hopkins University School of NursingLast week, Dr. Gresh led a convening hosted by the Institute for Policy Solutions at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing called Strengthening Maternal and Child Health: Redefining and Reimagining Postpartum Care. year, at least 40 million women and birthing people around the world experience long-term complications following labor and childbirth and what’s more is that these complications are often avoidable.The consensus is clear: there are significant gaps in addressing the ongoing care needs of women and birthing people worldwide in the first year after birth. The convening also revealed that there is a large community of support for alleviating these persistent health inequities and enhancing maternal well-being. #MaternalHealth #InstituteforPolicySolutions #NursesLead #MidwivesLead #Postpartum ... See MoreSee Less
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