Collaboration with WAJAMAMA: Centering-Based Group Care for Mothers and Babies in Zanzibar

WAJAMAMA’s mission is to improve the wellbeing of communities in Zanzibar by making holistic health care services accessible to women and girls of all socioeconomic backgrounds. Built on the belief that to see the greatest social change, we must prioritize the beginning of life, WAJAMAMA’s holistic health care model primarily focuses on reproductive, maternal, and child health. 

As a part of their Maternal and Child Health initiative, WAJAMAMA’s model of Centering- Based Group Care makes life-saving group prenatal care services accessible and affordable to women of all socioeconomic backgrounds in Zanzibar. Through an integrated and multidimensional approach, WAJAMAMA supports the health and wellbeing of all birthing people and their babies from the preconception period until the first 1000 days after conception. This is achieved through the provision of comprehensive clinical services, facilitated group learning, as well as prenatal and postpartum exercise and yoga programming. WAJAMAMA’s vision is a world where every woman is the healthiest version of themselves; physically, mentally, and socially, and every child has a healthy and beautiful beginning. 

In partnership with Group Care Global (GCG), the WAJAMAMA Model of Centering-Based Group Care is creating a network of educated and healthy mothers and empowered women in a community-wide shift towards more transparent and accessible information.

Nafisa Jiddawi, MS, FNP-C, WHNP, CNM
Founder & CEO | WAJAMAMA Wellness Center 

Cell: +255 769 783 368 
Main: +255 758 648 885


 During the 10 year global jubilee conference in the Netherlands, the Sharon Rising Innovation Award was launched. 

The award went to Wajamama for their inspiring and innovative group care work. Wajamama’s unique efforts to support women to establish permaculture gardens in their communities fosters and helps to sustain the deep connections created among women during group antenatal care. 

Yusra Ameir, RN, Wajamama

Sharon Rising (GCG), Katja van Groesen (CenteringZorg), Deborah Billings (GCG). Photo credit:  David Jagersma

Sharon Rising Innovation Award. Photo credit:  David Jagersma

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